Your Mini Yoga Sequences

You don’t need wide open spaces of time to weave Yoga for the Vagina into your life. If you have a few minutes here, a few minutes there, then there is time to yoga it up! This is what the Minis are for! Inside the full online series you’ll find 17 Mini Sequences, ranging from 1-minute in length, to 20-minutes in length, depending on how much time you have available to sneak in a quickie!

To give you a taste of the Mini’s you can try the Pelvic Parfait 7-minute mini for free, by clicking here, where you’ll discover that each Yoga Mini comes with an education playsheet on the topic of the Mini. Or feel free to simply let your eyes wander over the list below, where I’ve included a brief explanation of the core theme of each of the Minis found inside the course…

Elephant Walk 1 to 11-min Mini

Want a super strong workout in just a couple of minutes that strengthens the hips and pelvic floor while stretching the hamstrings and developing the hip joints? This Mini will deliver! The Elephant Walk is a posture I teach that can be done practically anywhere, and works so many muscles all at once, that if you don’t have time for a full practice, this is your go-to.

I Am Love 1 to 30-min Mini

Whether you’ve got 1-minute or 30-minutes (or anywhere in between), this is a super powerful meditation that uses a specific mantra to help loosen limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns so you can deepen your self-love. This one can be done anywhere you can take a seat and go inside yourself.

Mood Booster 2-min Mini

Laughter is medicine. Medicine for the body, medicine for the mind, and medicine for the soul. If you feel down, depressed, anxious, sad or any other negative emotion us humans are privy too, this is the Mini you’re looking for. 2-minutes is all it takes to completely change your mood for the better!

Delicious Digestion 3-min Mini

Sometimes our belly needs a little help to digest our food. For those with a history of eating disorders or bowel issues, chances are your digestive system may not be working optimally due to a little mis-treatment. Here is a quick and easy Mini to do after each meal to aid your digestive system in doing what it’s designed to do.

Office Desk 4-min Mini

Do you end up a hunchback by the end of your work-day? You’ll love this Mini. With a couple of easy poses, you’ll stretch your back out and realign your posture so you can enjoy sitting tall and confident as you continue on through your work day.

Moontime 5-min Mini for Anger, Agitation and cramps!

If PMS hits you hard, this is your go-to Mini. 5-minutes in this single pose and you’ll be back to your cheery self. Also a great one to work with on those days that you feel a little agitated or dare I say, angry 🙂

Energiser Bunny 6-min Mini

Instead of reaching for the lolly jar or a coffee, try this yummy Mini that seriously gets your blood pumping, and raises your energy. We don’t need to do a full one-hour workout to flush our system with energy-filling oxygen, making this the perfect Mini for those times when you need a boost mid work-day.

Pelvic Parfait 7-min Mini

Didn’t have time for a full practice this morning, but want to activate your pelvic parfait (the bowl of tissues, fascia and muscles that keep our lady parts in tact and juicy)? This is your Mini! Every pose helps connect you with your pelvic bowl so you can tone and energise your pelvic floor and abdominal wall.

A Walk in Nature 9-min Mini

Not all benefits are derived from an active Mini. For this Mini, simply lie down, sit down, or come to a comfortable posture of your choice and enjoy being taken on a walk through nature; a beautiful meditation to reconnect you with Mother Earth and bring calm to your day.

Fertility Massage 10-min Mini

This massage is an extended version of the Fertility Massage I share in the Luscious Lady Parts sequences. This is great for increasing fertility; it’s suggested you do this massage 3-4 times a week if you’re having trouble conceiving. Not only for conception, this massage is great for looking after our reproductive organs so they serve us well into our twilight years.

Self-Love 12-min Mini

Every sequence in this series is a practice in Self-Love. But this one has self-love as it’s cental focus, working directly with the heart chakra to help you develop a deeper connection with your heart-brain (or as I like to call it, your True Self!). If you find yourself getting caught in your head worrying or going into overwhelm or negative mind-chatter, this Mini will help get you back connected with your loving heart.

Lady’s Tonic 13-min Mini

There are specific poses that are super potent to the female body. In this 13-minute Mini we explore some of the more powerful poses in one juicy sequence that will leave you feeling like you’ve just taken your super pills for the day!

Healing Smile 14-min Mini

Smiling is healing. When we learn how to smile from our internal organs, we create MASSIVE healing inside our bodies. This is a beautiful meditation that teaches you how to draw healing energy down into your most intimate lady parts, so you can enjoy lasting health.

Eye Love 15-min Mini

Here we get to play with a little yoga for the eyes! Having 20-20 vision is becoming a thing of the past with all the pressure we put our eyes in today’s modern world. This Mini goes a long way in helping to restore and maintain healthy eyesight, and even helps iron out headaches.

Bedtime 18-min Mini

There is seriously nothing like a calming yoga practice before bed to help promote an awesome night’s sleep. Trouble sleeping, busy mind before bed, or simply love the idea of having a bedtime ritual, then give this Mini a go. It’s seriously one of my favourite ways to send myself off to sleep.

Foundation 19-min Mini For Your Feet!

Our feet set the foundation for how the rest of our body works. Sinking arches, misaligned weight, wearing high heels; these will all take their toll on our body and yes, our pelvic health. This Mini is to help you establish a solid foundation by working from the feet up and is great for strengthening the arches in your feet so you can enjoy a well-aligned body.

Sea of Love 20-min Mini

When we invite the body to lie into Base Position – a key pose taught in the online series – and release tension, as you’re instructed in this Mini, the body self-corrects and heals. This is a beautiful meditative practice that teaches you how to unravel the kinks, knots and holding patterns in your body, so that you can experience proper functioning throughout your body.

Want to give these juicy Mini yoga sequences a go? You can enrol in the full online course to gain access to these and so much more here…