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Want to experience Yoga for the Vagina for yourself? Then enrol in the online women’s series now and awaken yourself to optimum health and blissful pleasure! The upfront cost is AU$297 or 4 monthly payments of $75. Click below to enrol.

Yoga for the Vagina is a healing and restorative feminine practice. You’ll be educated and inspired as you are guided through lush yoga sequences that help you connect with your body and cement in your sense of self. As you journey inward to a place of self-love and self-acceptance, you’ll find mental and physical limitation falling away, creating more freedom in your mind and body, and as a result, more freedom in your daily life.

Through the therapeutic poses and ancient healing techniques, including the use of the Jade Egg, you’ll delve deep into your innate intelligence and create a new relationship with your body, muscles and energy centres. As you strengthen and stabilise your abdominal and pelvic core, you’ll experience a grounded state of safety. This solid confidence will open you to the creative and intuitive flow within.

Yoga for the Vagina is the spiritual practice I have searched for all my life; a tool of spiritual connection to self that really works. It has helped me to shed off layers of resistance to not being truly myself. By trusting in the process I have learnt to connect with my true inner being, and in turn raised my sexual connection beyond what I thought possible.

I wouldn’t miss a day! The practice centres and grounds me. I experience pleasure and self healing everyday. The Yoga for the Vagina practice has naturally taught me not to force things but to gently feel my way and let things flow in all areas of my life. I am growing everyday. I feel empowered by my stronger connection to self.

This is an amazing inspired course. I wish that all women can have the opportunity to try it. The amount of intelligent resources will keep me occupied a lifetime.’

– Rachel, Sydney Australia.

What can I expect to find inside the course?

Each of the 35 sequences is layered with practices rooted deep in yogic philosophy and Taoist teachings that have been fused with a yummy mix of modern day disciplines and scientific research, to help you build physical strength, emotional wellbeing and healthy lifestyle habits, so you can experience a more conscious way of living.

With a firm foundation on alignment you will learn how to move your body in a way that supports your whole being. As women we need to use our body in a specific way that supports our sexual organs in staying in place, otherwise they quite literally fall out of us! This series will help gently infuse this vital knowing into your daily life, so your lady parts can remain ripe and resilient right through your twilight years.

What you will learn…

  • How to use the Jade Egg in a healthy, nourishing and nurturing way
  • How to incorporate the full body into your Jade Egg practice
  • How to modify over 80 different yoga postures to suit your personal body shape and flexibility
  • The reasons for each pose and the influence it has on your body
  • How to transition gracefully between postures and why it’s important
  • How to use breath to calm, energise and heal both your mind and body
  • How to appreciate and savour the present moment
  • The postural alignment required to keep your sexual organs in place (so they don’t prolapse)
  • How to safely bring your inner strength and flexibility to the mat
  • How to move energy through your body to facilitate the healing of your tissues and organs
  • Healthy lifestyle habits to support a healthy mind and body
  • How to tune into your inner voice of wisdom (your True Self)
  • How to foster deep self-love and self-acceptance.

The yoga sequences included in the full online series are powerful yet gentle, so they create a gorgeous therapeutic balancing effect on your mind, body and soul as you grow your awareness of your physical and energetic self. Activating the healer within, you will leave each practice feeling refreshed and re-aligned so you can move into your day with grace and ease; more deeply rooted in self.

As you’ll discover, Yoga for the Vagina is a highly practical course. It teaches embodiment, with over 35 sequences for you to explore. You will learn how to weave these practices into your unique and colourful lifestyle, so that you can continue to derive all the healing benefits available. There are stacks of PDFs, audios and videos all presented in bite size pieces, inviting you to learn at your own individual pace.  You’ll feel fully supported as you delve into the playful and informative material, which includes 6 core topic areas…

Pure Pleasure: Pleasure is intimately connected with our health. In fact, studies now show that when we experience pleasure we quite literally trigger healing chemicals in the body that help prevent and eradicate illness and disease. In these sequences you will learn how to move your body in ways that dissolve shame and suppression of your sensuality and give life to earth-shaking, pelvic shimmy-shaking pleasure. As you ignite your senses you will feel your vibrational frequency more profoundly so that you can fully wake-up your pleasure receptors. When this happens you will become a vessel for pleasure, not only in the bedroom, but in all facets of life. This is what we call the joy of living!

Blissful Breath: The breath is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to our health and happiness. As you explore the Blissful Breath sequences you’ll learn how to move energy around your body (thus clearing energy blocks that cause illness and disease), cleanse your blood, energise your entire being, and help ease anxiety so you feel more at peace. You’ll even learn how to give yourself a quick and easy oxygen hit to help you feel fully alive and vibrant when your mood or energy levels drop. As you link breath with movement, you will begin to taste the raw essence of who you truly are, and marinate in the love within.

Luscious Lady Parts: A ripe and juicy pelvic floor is a sign of a healthy pelvic floor; one that will support you right into your twilight years! You will learn why tone, softness and receptivity are vital prerequisites of the pelvic floor, and how Kegels do more harm than good. The focus in these sequences will be around engaging the full ‘pelvic parfait’ to create a solid foundation for the rest of your reproductive organs in order to heal and prevent issues such as prolapse, incontinence, pelvic tension and so forth, as well as increasing your chances of an easy natural vaginal birth. We’ll also explore the psoas muscle and the Sphincter law and their relationship to our vaginal health and pleasure.

Moon Time: Buckling over in pain and going on emotional tirades are signs of an out of balance body, even when it is that time of month! These sequences will help you align with your cycles so you can make friends with Aunt Flo and her gorgeous sister Ovulation, and use this time to get in touch with your True Self. According to Native American tradition, a woman is considered to be at her most powerful physically and spiritually when she bleeds. These restorative sequences teach you how to tap into that intuition and use your menses as a catalytic tool for growth and transformation.

Breast Love: Our relationship with our breasts is a reflection of our relationship with ourself. The more we love and nurture our breasts, the more we love and nurture our self and thus deepen our connection to our heart – our inner voice – or as I like to call it, our True Self! These sequences are focused on self-care, self-love and the activation of our breasts so that we can use our cushions of love as a gateway to orgasm. As you re-sensitise your breasts (most women’s breasts are extremely numb), you will begin to clear stuck energy so you can keep your breasts free of harmful lumps and bumps. I’ll also share the secret to naturally perky boobettes!

Letting Go: How do you use your body? Many women have not considered how to use their body in such a way to promote a healthy structure, and as a result, have habitual patterns that cause them pain. You’ll learn simple techniques for natural organic movement so you don’t accumulate unwanted tension. Tension blocks up the flow of our energy, leading to illness and physical dysfunction. Anxiety, stress and fear all cause tension in the body. These sequences teach you specific techniques for releasing tension from the body and mind, so you can let go of anything that no longer serves you, and enjoy the freedom of a body that moves and operates with ease.

Yoga for the Vagina is a practical path to self-love; a healing ritual that you invite into your life to help you continue to deepen your self-love, and increase the pleasure you can feel in your body. There is a LOT of content. This is why I’ve divided it into four layers of learning, so you can gently introduce it into your life for many years to come. And while there is more content than you’ll find in most yoga and sexuality courses, it’s broken down into bite-sized morsels to make is easily digestible.

Lets look at exactly what you get in the Yoga for the Vagina online series…

  • 12 full length sequences (six 30-min sequences and six 60-min sequences) featuring…
  • Over 80 different eggsercises and poses… complete with detailed descriptions on how to do the pose, the raft of benefits of each individual pose, ways to modify the pose to suit your body, and of course, cute illustrations!
  • 18 guided audios to listen to as you do your practice
  • 12 instructional videos
  • 12 educational playsheet PDFs sharing juicy content on each of the core topics of study
  • 4 Layers of Learning so you can continue to deepen your practice for years to come, complete with instructional audios and playsheets

    As well as…
  • 17 mini-sequences for those busier days. Take a sneak peak at them here.
  • 23-page Pregnancy PDF Guide explaining how to use the Jade Egg and adapt the yoga postures to make them pregnancy-safe and support an easeful birth. To read more about pregnancy and yoga click here.
  • The popular Self-Love Meditation
  • The Art of Self-Love 1-hour video playshop
  • Stacks more bonus content to help you learn more about your mind, body and soul… and your vulvalicious vagina!

Yoga for the Vagina is a comprehensive series of women’s sequences designed to awaken the body to the love within, complete with instruction based on ancient wisdom, modern science and personal insight. This is a self-study program so you can go at a pace that suits you. You get online access to all the content and I highly encourage you to download the content onto your computer so you can keep it for life!

Are you ready to travel into the intimate layers of yourself?
Through Yoga for the Vagina you will learn how to access the healer within and tap into your innate truth. Enrol today for just AU$297 or 4 monthly payments of $75…

What happens when a woman begins a self-love practice?

As a woman begins to explore her authentic True Self a real deepening of self confidence evolves – and that confidence and self-belief become unshakable. She begins to really understand her value from an inner place – it becomes an embodied knowing, as opposed to something she needs to affirm to herself day in, day out. Any stresses that come about from daily life are more easily resolved as the woman connects back to her inner place of peace.

‘Yoga for the Vagina has changed my life, for the better! I wear ‘Miss Jade’ most days and I have connected deeply with my sexual feminine self like never before. I’ve gone from not being orgasmic to having orgasms at will. I can’t believe it has taken till I’m over 40 to feel this close to my sacred self. I feel happier, healthier and very sexual. I’ve tapped into an infinite energy that is available to me anytime, and I love it!

– Rachelle, Brisbane Australia.

This online series is a practical approach to self-care. It is essential as women that we begin to tune into our bodies and honour our individual needs. Having a regular Yoga for the Vagina practice fulfils this need, so that you can be a powerful force in both your professional and personal lives; so you may share and inspire others to step into their personal power.

Who is Yoga for the Vagina for?

Yoga for the Vagina is for any person who has a vagina! It has little to do with your history, shape, age, size or bendiness! Whether you’re a seasoned yogini or new to yoga you will enjoy how this practice allows you to access parts of yourself you have not yet discovered. All levels of fitness will find this course easy to explore, with a range of options for each pose, so you’re able to sink into the sensation of the pose.

Yoga for the Vagina is the art of self-illumination.

When you focus on sensation over shape you invite presence into your practice, and presence is the source of long-lasting healing. In every woman there exists a beautiful, bountiful and blissful being – a healer. She may be buried beneath a pinstriped business suit or be so full of fear that she hides her body from full length mirrors and swimsuits, but inside every woman is divine love. Yoga for the Vagina helps you find that love.

‘I wanted to tell you that I have never explored a practice with so much patience, gratitude, deliciousness, curiosity and excitement like the practices in your Yoga for the Vagina course. They are so deeply therapeutic. This is the first sexuality course I have seen that works on the most important foundation for everything in life (sexual re-awakening included) – self-love.  The other courses I have bought seem so incomplete compared to yours. I am so grateful to you!’

– Miss Anonymous, Prague Czech Republic.

What’s even more divine about Yoga for the Vagina, is that it easily fits into the busiest of lives. If you can find 5-minutes in the day, you can do Yoga for the Vagina! I’ve created 17 Mini sequences that are perfect for when you only have a few minutes and wish to add a dash of vitality to your day. Each Mini gives you an opportunity to connect into your core so you can move into your next activity feeling more balanced. The Minis include a delicious mix of physical yoga sequences, meditations and self-love practices to help you cultivate inner peace and strong body awareness.

If you have trouble sleeping, there’s a Mini specifically designed to calm the nervous system before bed. Another Mini will teach you one single pose that will give your whole body – including your pelvic floor – a thorough workout in just a few minutes. If you suffer from PMS, you’ll love the 5-minute Mini designed specifically to ease cramping. Plus there’s even a yoga for the ‘eyes’ sequence to help you get and maintain 20/20 vision!

The Minis are there to help support you through life, so you can infuse a little yoga love into your life, without needing to throw on the gym clothes or roll out your yoga mat. All of the Minis are transportable and can be done practically anywhere, with one Mini designed so beautifully that you don’t even have to leave your work desk. Yoga isn’t just something we do once per day. Yoga, when infused throughout your life, gives you an opportunity to re-connect, re-balance and enJOY the present moment.

In May 2017 I was invited to be part of the online Health Transformation Summit, where I shared more about how the practice came about, the health benefits and why I believe every woman needs a Yoga for the Vagina practice…

Self healing is not a miracle. Self-healing is available to every single one of us. Our ability to self-heal reflects the depth of the relationship we have with ourself. The ability to listen to oneself and act on the insights that come through us. Yoga for the Vagina teaches you how to better listen to yourself so the healing can occur. If you practise self-love, and make time for having a relationship with YOU, then you heal not only your body, but your life.

When we begin to live more in harmony with our own cycles, practising self-love daily, we return to our optimum state of vibrant womanly health. Let this online series be your yellow brick road back home to yourself. Let the Jade Egg be your travelling companion and enjoy exploring the terrain of your beautiful mind, body and soul as you journey between the darkness and the light that is life.


Need to know more? Click here so I can answer some Frequently asked Questions about Yoga for the Vagina and the Jade Egg.

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