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Welcome to Yoga for the Vagina!

This is YOUR place to learn how to cultivate delicious self-love, maintain and restore your sexual health while opening your body up to deep heart-felt pleasure…

This comprehensive series of succulent sequences – which form part of the Women’s Online Yoga for the Vagina Series – is designed to awaken you to your inner beauty and grace, while helping you develop a greater awareness of your physical and energetic self so you may fully engage with your life.

Yoga for the Vagina brings the ancient wisdom of the Jade Egg into the 21st century giving the women of today – like YOU – a practice that is holistically nourishing. When practiced regularly Yoga for the Vagina will get your ‘chi’, or energy moving, so you feel vibrantly alive, peaceful and at ease, while connecting you with your inner well of unconditional love.

Creator Tamra Mercieca shared what Yoga for the Vagina is all about in this juicy talk at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival on the Sunshine Coast in 2015:

The Jade Egg combined with powerful yet gentle breathing techniques and postures works directly with the sexual organs and energy centers in the body, making Yoga for the Vagina a potent medicine. When practiced with presence this moving meditation will heal you of mental, emotional and physical sickness, so you may feel your intrinsic nature within.



Tell me more about the Jade Egg…

The Jade Egg has been around for some 5000 years originating in ancient China, where Queens and mistresses of the most powerful nobles used it internally to strengthen the vaginal canal. Legend has it that the Taoist practice was a secret kept only in the Royal Palace so the ladies of privilege could maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.

‘I love my jade egg. Post menopausal and at 56-years-old I’d been told by male GPs that I was ‘all dried up’ and with such low estrogen levels ‘there’s nothing female about you anymore’. Now with a loving patient partner and my Jade Egg I am back on top (pun intended lol). My Jade Egg has given me confidence to explore my own body and responses in a safe environment and take back control. I feel sexy again. Thank you Tamra I want you to know what a huge impact you’ve made in my life.’


These days, using the Jade Egg as part of a regular Yoga for the Vagina practice takes women on a journey into deep self-love. Using the Jade Egg is not only liberating and empowering, it gives you the opportunity to heal yourself with love, awareness and consciousness, delivering many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

The Jade Egg, when used in the Yoga for the Vagina practice, has been shown to have these delicious benefits:

  • Cure incontinence. …
  • Reverse signs of aging. Yep, we’re talking a natural facelift! …
  • Return vaginal elasticity and heal damaged nerve endings post-birth. …
  • Heal prolapsed sexual organs. Read more…
  • Heal abnormal cells in the sexual organs.
  • Cure infertility. Read more…
  • Balance out PMS and hormonal disturbances. Say goodbye to turbulent emotional outbursts! …
  • Help you lubricate naturally. Even ladies going through menopause can become juicy again. Read more…
  • Heal scarring and numbing from operations such as hysterectomies. …
  • Get your libido back. Read more…
  • Awaken the vaginal tissue to deep vaginal orgasms. Say ‘Hello’ to G-spot and full body pleasure ladies! Read more…

Any issue relating to a woman’s sexual health or pleasure can benefit from a regular Yoga for the Vagina practice because the Jade Egg helps balance out a woman’s hormones, drawing trauma out of the vaginal tissue, so the body can return to its natural state of health.

‘I’ve been using the Jade Egg for six months and let’s just say the practice has reawakened me in ways I didn’t think possible. Light bladder leakage problems have resolved and I have become very juicy when it matters most!’

– Anna, 63-years-old

The purpose of using the Jade Egg is to keep the body tight so that the energy stays in the body instead of being leaked out, which leads to low physical energy, emotional instability, and eventually sickness.

Many women don’t understand the importance of vaginal health…

A woman’s sexual organs are at the core of who she is. If they’re not working properly, then she won’t be working properly, either mentally or physically, or both. Autopsies performed on nuns showed their sexual organs were completely rotted out due to non-use! And this is actually really common among women with 44% of women experiencing some form of prolapsed sexual organ in their lifetime and one third of woman needing a hysterectomy by the time they’re 60.

The stats really are shocking and to read more about this, please take a peek at my blog: ‘Beware ladies: Your sexual organs could quite literally fall out of you!’ Yet we can prevent any of this kind of degeneration and heal and deterioration of our lady parts that have already happened, and this is what Yoga for the Vagina does; it helps bring fresh blood to the sexual organs, giving them a beautiful internal massage, while drawing out any trauma they’re storing so they can stay strong and resilient well into old age.



The Taoist system regards the sexual organs as the roots of life connected to all other glands and organs in the body, so it’s no surprise that the vaginal canal is full of reflexology points that directly connect via medians to organs such as the heart, spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys. When you use the Jade Egg internally it stimulates these points, similar to acupuncture, to maintain the overall health of the body.

Even the media LOVE Yoga for the Vagina! Here’s what Cleo, Nature and Health, Sun Herald/Sun Telegraphs’ Body & Soul liftout, and Bay Lifestyle magazines have shared about the practice…



The body is the doorway to your self. Inside each woman is an inner presence that, when listened to, will guide you to the most delicious and fulfilling life – the happily right NOW of fairy tales. Through Yoga for the Vagina you will learn how to access the wisdom within. You will learn how to no longer be controlled by the negative chatter of the mind. You will experience what it feels like to absolutely LOVE the body you’re in.

‘I originally came to the practice to help heal from the after-effects of a hysterectomy, but after just a week of doing Yoga for the Vagina, I started to feel more alive, more in tune with myself, and after hating my body for my entire life, started to love my shape and how I look. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. This practice has given me more than I could ever have wished for.’

– Yoga for the Vagina lover

The reason we get physically sick is because our ‘chi’ has become stagnant. Stuck energy creates all sorts of sexual health problems; infertility, prolapsed organs, cancer, and so forth. The poses in Yoga for the Vagina focus specifically on getting that energy moving again, while creating the space for you to have a conscious awareness of the reason for your illness, so your body can heal naturally.

What about pleasure?

Many women need external stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse in order to reach orgasm, yet the vaginal canal is full of yummy pleasure spots – they simply need to be woken up! Yoga for the Vagina helps do this is a number of ways; the Jade Egg massages the vaginal tissue awake, the strategically placed poses wake up the sexual energy at the base of your spine and get it moving up your body, while the specific breathing technique help fan the flames of that energy so you can experience not only G-spot orgasms but cervical full body orgasms too!



Every woman can experience this kind of bliss. Seriously! It’s simply a case of reconnecting with your body and giving it full permission to feel pleasure. This is what Yoga for the Vagina was designed for; to give you a practice that brings you fully to life so you can experience your most delicious self!

A body in pure pleasure cannot harbor any form of illness or disease!

When we experience pleasure, our body naturally creates from scratch, thousands of drugs. Science shows stress hormones decrease, our neurotransmitters increase, cellular inflammation is inhibited and the aging process slows right down. Yes, pleasure is the vital nutrient that activates our own internal quantum pharmacy.

Where did Yoga for the Vagina come from?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Tamra. It was as Tamra was healing her vagina from pre-cancerous cells that she stumbled across the glorious Jade Egg and fell in love with the dark green stone that had been used for thousands of years by Queens and concubines in ancient China. Experiencing the benefits of using the Jade Egg, Tamra drew on her expertise in women’s sexual health and energetic healing and created Yoga for the Vagina.

In creating this comprehensive practice (and fully healing her cervix naturally), Tamra studied the ancient wisdom of not only the Taoist practices (including the Jade Egg), but the juicy teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Conscious Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation, The Billings Ovulation Method, The Alexander Technique, Tantra, Shamanism, Time-Line Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Sexual Body De-Armouring, Energy Healing, Lomi Lomi massage, Pole Dancing, and Ballet just to name a few!

Pulling together the best of the very best, including her own delicious experiences, deep insights and revelations, Yoga for the Vagina was born: The modern woman’s yoga practice! A yoga practice that offers you more than a physical workout, this practice helps you get in touch with your inner truth so you can deepen your relationship with YOU and enjoy the love available to you.

Develop your relationship with YOU with this beautiful practice in self-love.

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