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Welcome to Yoga for the Vagina!

This is YOUR place to learn how to awaken to your inner beauty and grace, heal sexual health issues and cultivate a more pleasure-filled life.

Yoga for the Vagina is a restorative and healing yoga practice that teaches the art of self-love, while at the same time, keeping your sexual organs ripe and resilient well into your twilight years. Designed specifically for the female body, this lush practice brings the ancient wisdom of the Jade Egg into the 21st century to help you release trauma and conditioning, re-sensitise your vaginal tissue and experience deep heart-felt pleasure.

The full online series includes a comprehensive program of succulent sequences that invite you to explore the alchemical process of posture, breath, meditation, massage, reflexology, self-love and personal insight. In practising Yoga for the Vagina you will discover the deepest and most magnificent parts of your yourself and thus, build the foundation for a happier, healthier life.

In this juicy workshop at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival on the Sunshine Coast in 2015, creator Tamra Mercieca shared what Yoga for the Vagina is all about…

Yoga for the Vagina is a powerful yet gentle moving meditation that is holistically nourishing, working directly with the sexual organs and energy centres in the body. By moving and breathing with heightened awareness you will naturally amplify your understanding of yourself, so you can shine light on the unhelpful patterns that are keeping you from experiencing ease and resilience.



Tell me more about the Jade Egg…

The Jade Egg has been around for some 5000 years originating in ancient China, where Queens and mistresses of the most powerful nobles used it internally to strengthen the vaginal canal. Legend has it that the Taoist practice was a secret kept only in the Royal Palace so the ladies of privilege could maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.

‘I love my jade egg. Post menopausal and at 56-years-old I’d been told by male GPs that I was ‘all dried up’ and with such low estrogen levels ‘there’s nothing female about you anymore’. Now with a loving patient partner and my Jade Egg I am back on top (pun intended lol). My Jade Egg has given me confidence to explore my own body and responses in a safe environment and take back control. I feel sexy again. Thank you Tamra I want you to know what a huge impact Yoga for the Vagina has made in my life.’

-Terrie, Australia.

Using the Jade Egg as part of a regular Yoga for the Vagina practice is not only liberating and empowering, it gives you the opportunity to heal yourself through love, awareness and compassion. You will engage in an intimate conversation with your body, that will turn your yoga practice into a sweet yet potent medicine.

The Jade Egg, when used in the Yoga for the Vagina practice, has been shown to have these delicious benefits:

  • Cure incontinence. Read more…
  • Create a healthy pelvic floor (ideal for both weak and overactive pelvic floors).
  • Heal fibroids. Read more…
  • Overcome infertility problems. Read more…
  • Prepare the body for a natural vaginal birth. Read more…
  • Return vaginal elasticity and heal damaged nerve endings post-birth. Read more…
  • Heal prolapsed sexual organs. Read more…
  • Heal abnormal cells in the sexual organs.
  • Reverse signs of aging. Yep, we’re talking a natural facelift!
  • Balance out PMS and hormonal disturbances. Say goodbye to turbulent emotional outbursts!
  • Heal scarring and numbing from operations such as hysterectomies.
  • Help you lubricate naturally. Even ladies going through menopause can become juicy again. Read more…
  • Get your libido back. Read more…
  • Awaken the vaginal tissue to deep vaginal orgasms. Say ‘Hello’ to G-spot and full body pleasure ladies! Read more…

How is it possible that Yoga for the Vagina can heal such an array of women’s health and pleasure issues? Because as you engage in this practice you’re restoring balance to your hormones, drawing trauma out of the vaginal tissue, bringing fresh blood to the whole pelvic area while gently toning and strengthening your entire being. As your body returns to its natural state of ease, it’s free to do what is does best; self-heal.

‘I’ve been using the Jade Egg for six months and let’s just say the practice has reawakened me in ways I didn’t think possible. Light bladder leakage problems have resolved and I have become very juicy when it matters most!’

– Anna, 63-years-old, Australia.

The purpose of using the Jade Egg is to keep the body toned in such a way that it is not holding tension, so that the energy stays in the body instead of being leaked out, which leads to low physical energy, emotional instability, and eventually sickness.

Many women don’t understand the importance of vaginal health…

Our sexual organs are at the core of who we are. If they’re not working optimally, this will affect our mental health, spiritual health and our physical health. All we need to do is look at the stats to see the shocking truth: 44% of women will experience some form of sexual organ prolapse in their lifetime, with one third of women needing a hysterectomy by the time they’re 60! You can read more about this on my blog: ‘Beware ladies: Your sexual organs could quite literally fall out of you!

What’s important to understand is that we can not only heal this kind of deterioration, but prevent it. Not through doing Kegels as they are taught today; they actually cause more harm than good (you can read more about the side-effects of Kegel exercises by clicking here), but through having a practice such as Yoga for the Vagina that intimately works with the entire ‘pelvic parfait’ – tissue, fascia, muscles and organs – as one complete system.

Pelvic health has a lot to do with how we use our body; it can either make or break our pelvic floor.

Our body is held together by tissue and by muscle. There are no screws and bolts holding each part in place. When life becomes unbalanced, stress sets in, and stress leads to the erosion of this tissue and muscle, meaning our organs become more vulnerable to prolapse. The postures in Yoga for the Vagina reach the connective tissues beneath the muscles, ligaments, bones and joints in your body, building structural resilience.

Not only that, these poses keep your nerves and glands firing on all cylinders, while strengthening the lymphatic system and circulatory system. Our glands, especially the thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands, regulate weight and are responsible for our sexual responses. So as you strengthen your lady parts, free up stagnant energy and rejuvenate the meridian points and chakras, you create a greater capacity to experience pleasure.



The Taoist system regards the sexual organs as the roots of life connected, via meridians, to all other glands and organs in the body. When we use the Jade Egg, it massages and activates the reflexology points in the vagina that are responsible for sending healing energy to such places as the heart, spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys. This positive ripple effect through the body is then felt in other areas of your life, increasing personal strength, confidence and self-acceptance.

So while a sexual health issue may originally draw you to the practice, Yoga for the Vagina offers you the opportunity to dive deep into the most intimate layers of yourself, building an inner capacity for dealing with whatever else you have going on in your life. That is why women world-wide are now practising this all-emcompassing healing modality, and even the media have shown plenty of interest, with Yoga for the Vagina featured in a number of publications, including Cleo, Nature and Health, Sun Herald/Sun Telegraphs’ Body & Soul liftout, and Bay Lifestyle magazines…



At the start of 2017, the Jade Egg rose in popularity when Gwyneth Paltrow shared her love of vaginal eggs. It caused quite a stir, with a couple of gynaecologists slamming its use due to mis-information. This led to me writing a blog on the topic to clear up the confusion (which you can read by clicking here), to let women know that yes it is safe to use a Jade Egg internally, but you do need to ensure you purchase a high quality stone, and use it in a way that is healing on the body. What followed, was Kiis FM in Melbourne, Australia inviting me onto their breakfast show to chat more about this beautiful healing practice.

The body is the doorway to your self. Inside each woman is an inner presence that, when listened to, will guide you to the most delicious and fulfilling life – the happily right NOW of fairy tales. Through Yoga for the Vagina you will learn how to access the wisdom within. You will learn how to no longer be controlled by the negative chatter of the mind. You will experience what it feels like to absolutely LOVE the body you’re in.

‘I want to thank you so much for all the work and love you have put into Yoga for the Vagina. It is amazing!! I have loved learning to touch and massage myself and be gentle and loving to myself with your kind, wise, gentle guidance always there. It’s like having the deep feminine wisdom I never had (that simply wasn’t available), right with me, in my home, supporting me, gently leading me and teaching me – things about myself I always felt were there but didn’t know how to access.  And the benefits are overflowing into my relationship! Thank you thank you thank you!’

– Jane, United Kingdom.

Let’s talk pleasure…

Many women need external stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse in order to reach orgasm, yet the vaginal canal is full of yummy pleasure spots – they simply need to be woken up! When you use the Jade Egg internally, it massages the vaginal tissue awake so you can feel more sensation. Combine this with strategically placed postures and breathing techniques that are designed to wake up the sexual energy at the base of the spine, and you quite literally fan the flames of your own pleasure source. This is where G-spot and full body cervical orgasms become available to you.

Every woman has the capacity to experience this kind of bliss. Our body is designed to feel extended states of ecstasy. When you practice Yoga for the Vagina you begin to melt the iceberg of shame, the childhood conditioning and heal any sexual trauma you may have collected over the years, so you can reconnect with the pleasure within and experience your most delicious self.

A body in pure pleasure is the key ingredient in preventing and healing illness and disease!

When we experience pleasure, our body naturally creates from scratch, thousands of natural drugs. Science shows that stress hormones decrease, our neurotransmitters increase, cellular inflammation is inhibited and the ageing process slows right down. Yes, pleasure is the vital nutrient that activates our own internal quantum pharmacy.



Where did Yoga for the Vagina come from?

Yoga for the Vagina was born from an innate passion to create a style of yoga that was holistically nourishing to women; a practice that could heal a woman from the inside out. The practice needed to be more than a physical workout or a meditation practice, it needed to really open a woman to her truth so she could journey deep into her relationship with self. That is why I created Yoga for the Vagina.

Hello gorgeous lady! I’m Tamra Mercieca, the founder of Yoga for the Vagina.

To be completely honest with you, while I absolutely adore yoga now and won’t miss a day, that hasn’t always been the case. I rocked up to my first yoga class way back in 2001, which led to a love/hate relationship with the discipline. It wasn’t until my 30s, when I was diagnosed as having pre-cancerous cells in my cervix and told I may not be able to conceive due to polycystic ovaries, that I decided it was time to explore women’s sexual health on a whole new level.

 What followed was years of study and teacher trainings in a wide range of yoga styles including Kundalini Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Alexander Technique Yoga and Laughter Yoga. What I discovered, was that not all yoga was the same. Through extensive research into the female anatomy, studying with pelvic health specialists world-wide, I learnt that any yoga a woman did, needed to be suited to the female body. Suddenly I understood why I hadn’t been drawn to yoga way back when; the many classes I’d attended in the hope of finding my yoga groove, had all taken a very masculine approach. Intuitively I’d know it wasn’t in line with what my female body wanted or needed.

It was while studying ancient Taoist texts and working with sexual health educators worldwide that I stumbled across the Jade Egg. Loving what the practice had to offer, but not being drawn to the way it was currently being taught, I began creating my own practice based on all the research and study I’d done. Marrying this with my previous training in over a dozen healing modalities such as Holistic Pelvic Care, Time-Line Therapy, Energy Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, the Billings Ovulation Method, Vaginal Steaming, Sexual Body De-Armouring, Tantra and Meditation, I created Yoga for the Vagina.

It was through my Yoga for the Vagina practice and the work I do as a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist that I was able to completely heal my cervix naturally (without any form of medical intervention as had been recommended) and go on to easily get pregnant and enjoy a 3.5hr home water birth (you can read my positive birth story here). Yet it wasn’t until I began sharing this new yoga modality with my clients, that I realised the true medicinal potency of the practice; it was helping women heal sexual trauma, sexual health issues like I’d experienced, depression and body image problems, all at an accelerated rate.

I began being invited to present Yoga for the Vagina at some of the most respected festivals in Australia, including the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Seven Sisters Festival, the International Sacred Sexuality Conference and even toured with Sexpo for three years as their resident Relationship Therapist and sex educator. Seeing the interest in what I was sharing, I knew I needed to release Yoga for the Vagina as an online series so women world-wide could have access to this invaluable practice.

This is simply a taste of the path my journey into self has taken, so if you’d like to visit my full bio, simply click here. Or if you’d like to learn more about my journey with the Jade Egg, simply click here.

Develop your relationship with YOU with this beautiful practice in self-love.

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