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Let me introduce you to a ladies best friend; the glorious Jade Egg!



The Jade Egg has been around for some 5000 years. Back in ancient China, the Jade Egg was used exclusively by the Queens and mistresses in the Royal Palace to promote health and longevity, and to enhance their sexual prowess; thus keeping the Emperor extremely happy in the bedchamber!

What they noticed, was that those who mastered the techniques, not only started to connect more fully with their sensual selves and experience deep heart-felt pleasure, but they stayed especially youthful (yes, we’re talking natural facelift ladies!) with sexual organs as tight and resilient as those of a young, unmarried lady. It was these women who looked the most radiant and alluring.

Until recent years, the gorgeous Jade Egg practice has been kept hush hush, but today women from all over the world are embracing this powerful tool for inner and outer healing, using it to help center them in love, awareness and consciousness; the three key ingredients of a healthy, happy and pleasure-filled life.



The Jade Egg itself is just that! A jade crystal shaped like an egg, usually with a hole drilled in one end, that you teach the vagina to sip inside, where you do various Yoga for the Vagina eggsercises. Once inside, the Jade Egg not only works to energetically realign and balance your vagina, it helps tone and awaken all of your reproductive organs.

The Jade Egg, when used as part of a Yoga for the Vagina practice, strengthens the pelvic floor, warms up, circulates and activates your sexual energy, articulates your vagina as an instrument of love, stimulates the reflexology points inside the vaginal canal and opens portals for endless dimensions of orgasm. What is there not to love about the Jade Egg?

It helps promote stronger, deeper orgasms, addresses self-worth issues, heals vaginal muscles after childbirth, increases fertility and vitality, releases trauma from sexual abuse and friction-sex, encourages healthy menstruation, relieves pre-menstrual symptoms (say goodbye to PMS!), heals incontinence, and prevents prolapsed sexual organs.

For me, I came across the Jade Egg when I was healing my cervix of pre cancerous cells after returning an abnormal pap smear result. After being told by my gynecologist that I needed urgent surgery (which I said ‘No’ to), I went on to naturally heal my cervix through using the Jade Egg and clearing the subconscious conditioning that had created the physical ailment. I share more in this raw interview with Nicole Mathieson

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Vaginal eggs can be made from a number of different crystals as you may have seen, however all the eggs I stock are made from certified Nephrite Jade.

Why Nephrite Jade?

Nephrite Jade is the highest quality jade and therefore considered the best choice for one’s vagina because it’s so dense, has a hard and strong mineral structure, and is naturally shiny, making it easy to clean. It’s also heavier than most stones because of its tightly packed structure giving the sexual organs the perfect internal workout, and is much darker in colour than other types of jade. In Taoism, Nephrite Jade was the original jade used by women in the Royal Palace.

The name ‘Nephrite’ was derived from the Greek word ‘kidney’, which refers to its supposed ability to cure kidney disease. Wearing jade, internally or as jewelry, promotes the body’s self-healing capabilities, and according to research by Dr. B.H. Yoo, radiates far-infrared rays, which is beneficial to the skin, blood circulation and skin cell vitalising; it purifies the body.

Jade is also the crystal of love! It is supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity, as much for oneself, as for another. Because it is a crystal of the heart chakra, it helps heal the physical heart while opening us up to an intimate relationship with our spiritual heart.

‘I was told that I needed to have my cervix removed after 3-years of abnormal pap smear results. After working with Tamra as part of her one-on-one program and using a Jade Egg, we were able to completely heal my cervix; my gynecologist giving me a clean bill of health within 6 months. Not only that, I’m not scared of being the person I truly am. I have a much deeper love for myself, which has been reflected in my relationships with others. I am so grateful for doing this work.’

– Jessica, Australia

This crystal is ideal for women who are healing from illness, particularly sensitive to energy, or overcoming sexual trauma because Nephrite Jade quickens physical and emotional healing processes. While rapid in its healing, it is extremely gentle, working to protect and encourage peaceful energy in the heart and throughout the body.

Nephrite Jade is also the ultimate fertility stone that promotes tranquility, longevity and balances your emotional and energetic health. It is a stone of wisdom and is the most kind and grounding stone in the universe and is endlessly devoted to its owner – said to bless whatever it touches.

In many Eastern cultures, Nephrite Jade is considered the ‘stone of heaven’. So it may be no surprise that taking a Nephrite Jade Egg into your most intimate sanctuary can open you up to a profound experience of love and pleasure. It’ll give you a greater sense of living at home in your body. It’ll make you feel more empowered about your body and help in making healthy choices when it comes to intimate relationships.

Nephrite Jade Eggs really do tick all the boxes

  • Nephrite Jade is 100% pure. There are no chemicals, fillers or dyes used during the manufacturing process making it safe for intimate use. It will not emit any unwanted chemicals or change the natural pH balance of the body.
  • Nephrite Jade is non-porous so it will last a lifetime if you look after it. Harmful bacteria cannot enter the stone (unlike some other stones).
  • A Nephrite Jade Egg is easy to clean. The stone has a smooth as glass finish and a flawless touch.
  • Nephrite Jade is tough! Really tough. It’s actually harder than steel! You can’t scratch a Nephrite Jade Egg with a knife, and if you drop it (which you probably will at some stage), it won’t break. It won’t even crack! Many other stones used for this purpose crack easily, making them unhygienic. If, for example, an egg made from quartz cracks, it could cut you.
  • Nephrite Jade is strong and dense, and heavier than most other crystals, making it the perfect weight to practice with.
  • Nephrite Jade has a high thermal conductivity, meaning your body won’t need to use as much energy to keep heating it once it’s inside.
  • A Nephrite Jade Egg is safe to keep inside for longer stints. Because it is energetically gentle and neutral it doesn’t stir up emotions like some other stones can. It works gently to increase your sense of wellbeing and protects the wearer from external unwanted energy, while working on healing any past traumas or energetic build up.
  • Nephrite Jade has many healing properties. It helps heal a woman’s reproductive system and balance hormones, while cleansing unwanted energies!

If that’s not enough to razz your berries, in both China and in the cultures of South America, Nephrite Jade has been valued even more that gold and diamonds. See, Jade Eggs really are a ladies best friend! To get your 100% genuine certified Nephrite Jade Egg, simply click the button below.


Using your Jade Egg…

The Jade Egg is a key instrument in the art and mastery of cultivating self-love. When we are able to tap into our loving center we are able to heal ourself and thus, expand our sexual energy. That said, it is how you approach the Jade Egg that creates the transformation, more so than the Jade Egg itself. For this reason you want to ensure you have a good foundation for using the Jade Egg before you begin.

As a beginner you want to get used to the sensation of the egg and practice squeezing it and gradually work up to moving it around in the vaginal canal as I teach in the Yoga for the Vagina series. It’s vital that you learn the importance of softening the vaginal canal in this practice, hence why it is always advised you take part in some form of training so your approach is healthy for YOU!



Stringing your Jade Egg:

Especially when you begin, you will need to string your egg, as most women don’t have the muscles to push the egg back out. While it can’t get stuck in your vagina, having a string to help gently pull it out, is always handy. Not only that, some of the eggsercises in the Yoga for the Vagina practice require you to have a string so can practice using resistance eggsercises in order to tone your vagina.

So take one metre of unwaxed unflavoured dental floss (run-of-the-mill dental floss interferes with the natural bacteria in your vagina), fold it in half and guide the fold through the hole, and thread the two ends through the loop creating a slipknot. Avoid tying a regular knot.

Sipping your Jade Egg inside:

Never EVER just push your Jade Egg inside! The purpose of using a Jade Egg is to help dissolve trauma in the vagina, not create it. Forcing things inside your vagina creates trauma. Trauma leads to numbness and tension, and that can lead to sexual health issues or an inability to experience the delicious pleasure available to you.

Unfortunately, our vaginas are so used to having things pushed inside them all the time – tampons, fingers, penises and dildos – that the muscles in the vagina, designed to sip things inside, atrophy. Yet, using the Jade Egg you can learn how to reactivate these muscles so you can easily sip things inside again. I can’t emphasise this enough: The most important eggsercise you can ever learn, is how to sip the Jade Egg inside your vagina, and in the Yoga for the Vagina series I teach you a specific technique on how to do this.

Doing vaginal yoga with your Jade Egg:

Yes you can simply wear your Jade Egg while you go about your day, or wear it to bed, and I highly recommend you do this. However, to get the most out of your Jade Egg you want to have a regular practice where you do very specific poses and eggsercises that fully engage all the internal muscles, so you get a gentle yet powerful workout.

Not only is a regular practice important for vaginal health, it is also vital for mental and emotional health. The practice itself, is designed as a moving meditation that quiets the mind and helps you connect more deeply with your body so you can start listening to the voice of your heart. Putting aside this time to have a dedicated Jade Egg practice will give you a deep inner confidence, much more clarity and large doses of body love.

Within just a few practices there will be a sparkle in your eye. You will have a renewed energy, your posture will improve as you start to hold yourself tall, confidence beaming forth.

The Yoga for the Vagina online women’s series gives you 12 individual sequences, including over 70 poses designed specifically to help heal and revitalise you from the inside out, toning and strengthening the vaginal canal so you can enjoy increased sensitivity and even dexterity (in that you can isolate various parts of the vaginal canal, essentially giving you the ability to play rhythms on a man’s penis!).

Having a regular practice is as important as brushing your teeth! Failure to look after our lady parts can quite literally result in them falling out of us, as I share in my blog: Beware Ladies: Your sexual organs could quite literally fall out of you!

Laying your Jade Egg:

Once your body is finished with your Jade Egg for the day, your vagina will either push it out on its own (if this happens, do NOT push it back inside, as your muscles will be fatigued) OR you can simply lay your egg! The easiest way to lay your egg, is to come into a squat position and bear down.

One thing you need to know about getting your Jade Egg out, is that it can’t get lost in there (even if you’ve had a hysterectomy you’ve been all stitched up). So if for some reason you forgot to string your egg, don’t worry, the first thing you need to do is RELAX! When we stress the vagina holds onto the Jade Egg even tighter! So RELAX, and then RELAX some more. Have a giggle – yes laughing helps push it out – and then bear down and lay your egg!

If you’d like to know more about the Jade Egg’s use, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page OR sign up for your Yoga for the Vagina online women’s series TODAY and share in all the wisdom of the glorious Jade Egg.

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