It’s my pleasure to share with you a video on Women’s Pleasure. Now this 18-minute video starts with a little exercise in pleasure, so you may like to do this in privacy. Don’t worry – there’s no nakedness, just a little visualisation! So please don’t start the video until you’re ready to experience a yummy dose of pleasure in your body.

Yep, today’s video is all about pleasure; how to experience it, and how to expand it into full body orgasmic bliss that can last for hours! Like I mentioned in the last video, which you can click here to watch if you missed it, a body in pure pleasure cannot harbour any form of illness or disease. So there’s a little incentive to indulge in pleasure: It’s super good for you!

Of course, we want to be experiencing pleasure for the simple reason that it feels good, and we are here, in this body, to experience all the pleasure available to us. So if you’re even just a fraction curious on how you can expand your pleasure, so you can enjoy pleasure both in and out of the bedroom, enjoy today’s delicious video tutorial.

A lot of women buy the Jade Egg and begin a practice of their own making, which is really beautiful, and I really encourage you to trust your inner guidance as it comes through to you. But like when you buy a new computer, especially if you’re not super tech savvy, if you don’t read the manual, then you may never discover some of the awesome programs you have access to.

Yoga for the Vagina is the manual to your sexual health, to your pleasure and to your ability to fall in love with your most AWESOME self. It really is all the juicy stuff I wish I knew as I was growing into my womanly body! I look forward to sharing all of my insights and teachings with you inside the course. If you’d like to join the Yoga for the Vagina community you can enrol here. Full upfront cost is AU$297 or 2 monthly payments of $150.

If you’d like to take an in depth look at how working with the fascia of the pelvic bowl, through Yoga for the Vagina, helps get sexual energy moving more freely, check out my blog: Fascia, chi and the Jade Egg.

Want to read about other people’s experiences with the program? No probs, just click here to take a peek at what other ladies have healed, open up to and felt, as a result of exploring Yoga for the Vagina.

Being able to stand tall in your capacity to feel pleasure in your body, it takes letting go of past conditioning, feelings of not being worthy or deserving of pleasure, and really committing to a dedicated practice, where you can learn how to use your body in a way that is expansive, as opposed to contracted.

If you’re ready to step into your womanly bliss and experience a more pleasure-filled life, I look forward to helping you journey deep into self-love!