Hundreds of ladies are now practising Yoga for the Vagina and here you will find the feedback I’ve received the women who wanted to share their experiences…

Yoga for the Vagina is the spiritual practice I have searched for all my life; a tool of spiritual connection to self that really works. It has helped me to shed off layers of resistance to not being truly myself. By trusting in the process I have learnt to connect with my true inner being, and in turn raised my sexual connection beyond what I thought possible.
I wouldn’t miss a day! The practice centres and grounds me. I experience pleasure and self healing everyday. The course works alongside my other tools; for example it complements my Yin yoga. I am on a life long journey to truly deeply let go of all that is not me.
The Yoga for the Vagina practice has naturally taught me not to force things but to gently feel my way and let things flow in all areas of my life. I am growing everyday. I feel empowered by my stronger connection to self.
This is an amazing inspired course. I wish that all women can have the opportunity to try it. The amount of intelligent resources will keep me occupied a lifetime.’
– Rachel, Sydney Australia.

‘I LOVE your course. It’s nurturing, healing, full of common sense, wise, clearly explained. Something about the way you present makes me TRUST you! It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s some balance between your being quite scientific and your indirectly expressing so much love for the subject and the people taking the course. And there is so much content here! I feel like it will take me many months, or probably many years, to explore all this fully! Even just the introductory audios had many revelations for me. In the last few years I have taken a lot of classes to work on myself, my sexuality an my health. Some have stuck and some have not. It is already clear to me that this is a course that will stick with me for life.’
– Anonymous.

‘I want to thank you so much for all the work and love you have put into Yoga for the Vagina. It is amazing!! I have loved learning to touch and massage myself and be gentle and loving to myself with your kind, wise, gentle guidance always there. It’s like having the deep feminine wisdom I never had (that simply wasn’t available), right with me, in my home, supporting me, gently leading me and teaching me – things about myself I always felt were there but didn’t know how to access.  And the benefits are overflowing into my relationship! Thank you thank you thank you!’

– Jane, United Kingdom.

‘Your Yoga for the Vagina work is amazing!!! The depth and the breadth is amazing and your commitment to really sharing and educating. It’s exactly what I need!!’
– Anonymous.

‘Thank you for wonderful course, I’m finding it amazing!!
– Anonymous.

Yoga for the Vagina has changed my life for the better! I wear ‘Miss jade’ most days and I have connected deeply with my sexual feminine self like never before. I’ve gone from not being orgasmic to having orgasms at will. I can’t believe it has taken till I’m over 40 to feel this close to my sacred self. I feel happier, healthier and very sexual. I’ve tapped into an infinite energy that is available to me anytime, and I love it!’
– Rachelle, Brisbane Australia.

‘I’ve been doing my yoga. I find it sooo nourishing; it fills up my cup with self nurturing. I’m beginning to believe I’m beautiful  bountiful and blissful. I am love.’
– Anonymous.

‘I love how you combine the jade egg practice with so many helpful “ingredients” (meditation/mindfulness, affirmations, energy work, self-love practices). And the relaxation accompanied by the beautiful music at the end, is such a treat! It feels like a much deserved reward for showing up for the practice :-).’
– Anonymous.

‘I have spent the last two days getting a taste of the course and I was so pleased with how deep, intelligent and nourishing the material is, that I even had to share my excitement with my boyfriend! This is the first online course I have seen – and believe me, I have seen several jade egg/female sexuality courses already – that you get to literally “grow with” thanks to the material being presented in layers (you advance to the next “layer of learning” once you complete all that is needed in the previous one). It is so clearly defined and laid out, that I don’t feel like procrastinating or skipping my practices at all. And it even has a special “moon practice” for the days when you have your period (or some health troubles), how wonderful and practical is that!
I also love the vast knowledge that Tamra shares through the manuals, practices and bonus material. I can’t wait to dive deeper into the course and feel the delicious effects it will have on my body and my mind.’
– Anonymous.

‘I really find your program ingenious :-).’
– Anonymous.

‘I just started your Yoga for the Vagina course this weekend and I am so thrilled with it! There is so much love in all the information, videos and audios you share. And I love the layers you created so that I can move into myself and self-love at my own pace. Just wanted to give you a big thank you and a big hug for creating this course. It is exactly what I need right now.’
– Karin, Netherlands.

‘I already had a Jade Egg and had been looking for something a bit more extensive in learning how to use it and came across your info. Then, without hesitation, or really much thought, I decided that this was something I needed to do. Best decision ever!
I did the Blissful Breath sequence last night and wowsers; it was quite the experience! I had a big cry afterwards for no specific reason other than I needed to, and today have a sort throat (clearin out old stuff).’
– Anonymous.

‘I wanted to tell you that I have never explored a practice with so much patience, gratitude, deliciousness, curiosity and excitement like the practices in your Yoga for the Vagina course. They are so deeply therapeutic (not to mention they can be even taken for a meditation/mindfulness session). This is the first sexuality course I have seen that works on the most important foundation for everything in life (sexual re-awakening included) – self-love.  The other courses I have bought seem so incomplete compared to yours. I am so grateful to you!’
– Miss Anonymous, Prague Czech Republic.

‘I have a bit of course review for you. I wanted to tell you another reason why your course is so ingenious – other courses usually have only shorter practices to fit into busy schedules (just 10 – 15 minutes), which need to be added together, like for example breast massage + cultivating sexual energy + a short jade egg practice. In other words, they require your active participation in choosing the practices, putting them together and then actually doing them. That´s too risky for a procrastinating/resisting mind, as there are too many moments the mind may simply “opt out” and not let you do anything at all!
So, paradoxically the shorter and more “time-friendly” the practices are, the more willingness and motivation it takes to do them. Your course, however, consists of long practices that are “all-inclusive”, so the decision is basically just one – get on the mat and let myself be led through the practice, from the delicious love wrap at the beginning to the equally delicious relaxation and self-love blessing at the end. So this is why I have done – unlike in other courses – already around 30 of your full-length practices since the beginning and I can´t wait to go on! Also slowly building upon each practice and feeling it – not thinking through it, as you say – brings about the greatest changes! I understand now that coming back to my body and healing it on all levels takes time and devoted practice, not a 10 minute “fix” from time to time.’
– Anonymous.

‘I’ve been using the Jade Egg for six months and let’s just say the practice has reawakened me in ways I didn’t think possible. Light bladder leakage problems have resolved and I have become very juicy when it matters most!’.
– Anna, 63-years-old, Australia.

‘I am very happy moving through your course, it brings me into a much closer connection to myself, especially the sequences in layer two, I love them! I have been doing yoga for years now but this sequences really deepens my practice. I started it because I wanted to shift sexual trauma and learn to deepen the making love with my partner. So it brings me a lot more than I expected, thank you! And my partner is grateful too :)’
– Anonymous.

‘Your programme is HUGE with A LOT of information!!! In a second language, it is not always easy but it’s worth it, it’s all great and very complete so far.’
– Anonymous.

‘So far I absolutely love the program. I feel safe and cared for while participating in the yoga practice.  Thank you for sharing your special gift with me!!’
– Anonymous.

‘I love my Jade Egg. Post menopausal and at 56-years-old I’d been told by male GPS that I was ‘all dried up’ and with such low oestrogen levels ‘there’s nothing female about you anymore’. Now with a loving patient partner and my Jade Egg I am back on top (pun intended lol). My Jade Egg has given me confidence to explore my own body and responses in a safe environment and take back control. I feel sexy again. Thank you Tamra. I want you to know what a huge impact you’ve made to my life’.
– Terrie, Australia.

‘After having a child, this practice has made a huge difference to my pelvic floor muscles. I can actually jump in basketball and not wet myself! So thank you xo’.
– Erin, Australia.

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