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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve popped by this page, chances are you’re intrigued to know more about Yoga for the Vagina and what it can bring to YOUR life. I created Yoga for the Vagina as your one-stop shop to fully immerse yourself into who you are at your core; Love! So if you need to know a little more about what that might look like for you, I have answered 42 of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the online series and the Jade Egg, so you can see if you’re ready to step into YOUR fullness.

Yoga for the Vagina is the modern woman’s yoga practice – a moving meditation designed to take you deep into self-love. Bringing together a range of healing modalities, along with personal insight and experience, I have crafted a comprehensive online series, that includes 12 sequences specifically designed to help unlock tension, heal trauma, awaken pleasure centers and connect you with your inner wisdom.

To read more about Yoga for the Vagina visit the Homepage or if you’d like a run down on exactly what’s included, take a peek at the Online Series page. Yoga for the Vagina uses the ancient Jade Egg in many of its sequences, as a tool to center and balance a woman from the inside out. If you’re after a formalised Jade Egg practice, Yoga for the Vagina offers this… and so much more!

The Starter’s Sequence is designed to get you started. You will receive one short sequence so you can get a taste of Yoga for the Vagina free of charge. The Starter’s Sequence comes to you as a PDF file outlining the beginner’s sequence with key information and cute little illustrations on how to do the poses correctly, as well as the benefits you will get from each pose.

The Online Series is the full Yoga for the Vagina series, designed to give women the perfect daily practice, along with education and insights, on how to live a healthy and pleasurable life. The online series takes a holistic approach to a woman’s health, with six 30-minute sequences, six one-hour sequences, videos, playsheets full of juicy content, as well as guided audios for you to practice along to.

You receive a collection of mini sequences to keep you in touch with your womanly self throughout the day – there are even 2-minute poses you can do at your office desk! Plus you’ll get stacks of additional resources to help you develop a healthy relationship with your mind, body and soul.

The full online Yoga for the Vagina series will be released in the Australian Summer of 2016. Sign up for your Starter’s Sequence above so you’re the first to know when it’s released, as there will be a discount for the first 30 people who purchase it!  Or if you’d like to know exactly what is included in the course, visit the Yoga for the Vagina Online Series page.

That really depends on you and your unique situation. If you have never done Yoga for the Vagina before, I do NOT recommend starting while you are pregnant. Pregnant women are always advised NOT to start anything new while pregnant, and the same goes in this instance, especially given the Jade Egg is stimulating ALL of your internal organs – the Jade Egg does work the uterus and detoxifies the whole area – so there really is a LOT going on when you do these practices.

Women who have been practicing Yoga for the Vagina and using the Jade Egg for at least six months before they got pregnant, can reap great benefits from the practicing these Yoga for the Vagina sequence up until four months of pregnancy – as it helps prepare the mind and body for birth. That said, if you are planning to do Yoga for the Vagina while pregnant, please seek medical advice first, to ensure there are no likely complications. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you check in with your medical support team before beginning Yoga for the Vagina.

Once you’ve had your little bubba I would highly recommend doing Yoga for the Vagina as soon as you feel ready, to help you heal any damaged nerve endings or trauma experienced from the actual birth, and to help regain vaginal elasticity, pelvic tone and libido. Plus it’s the perfect self-loving practice for a new mum! For those looking to get pregnant, Yoga for the Vagina is ideal to help enliven your sexual organs and prepare you for pregnancy. Given that green jade is the ultimate fertility stone, it’s excellent for pregnancy and trying to conceive.

As many successful people before us have said: ‘What you put in is what you get out’. If you have a daily one-hour Yoga for the Vagina practice that would be ideal and help you to feel at peace and in the flow, while experiencing optimum health. If you can only do a half hour practice once a week, you will still reap benefits, but those benefits will increase the more time you commit to your self-love practice. All of that said, I have created a number of mini-sequences – some go for as little as 2-minutes! – so even when you’re struggling to fit in a practice, you can simply do one of those to maintain your connection to self.

Absolutely! In the Yoga for the Vagina online series I have included a shorter 30-minute version of each of the 6 main sequences to help you connect with your egg and slowly introduce you to the practice. Once you feel comfy with the shorter sequences (which are designed for beginners and busy ladies alike), then you are free to move onto the complete 60-minute sequences. For those of you who have been using a Jade Egg, I still recommend starting with the 30-minute sequences, as I stagger the learning in such a way that rushing to the full 60-minute sequences too early would mean you miss out on key understandings.

Of course! This practice is designed to be gradually introduced into your lifestyle. Besides, once you start, you’ll love it so much, you’ll just want to do it more and more and more. The course content is downloadable straight onto your computer or mobile devices, so you can keep them for whenever you are ready.

Yoga for the Vagina is specifically designed for women; and looks directly at what is required for optimum breast and sexual organ health. When a woman’s core parts of herself are alive and juicy, then her whole body benefits. Awareness and presence are at the center of this holistic practice which opens you up to be able to feel your own energy so you can experience more pleasure, not just in the bedroom, but in life in general.

The content and sequences are designed to help you connect in with what it means to be a woman and how to be in the flow with your cycles. One of the big differences that sets Yoga for the Vagina apart from mainstream yoga, is the use of the Jade Egg. When you use a Jade Egg as part of this practice, is trains the pelvic muscles to hold your vital life force energy inside, instead of it being leaked out.

Yoga for the Vagina takes a more holistic approach than many other styles of yoga  exploring all forms of movement, from dance and body isolations to yoga and Jade Eggsercises as well as specific breathing techniques, massage and reflexology specific to a female body, essentially bringing a range of healing modalities into one succinct practice that is a complete healing session as much as it is a yoga session.

No. I do not teach vaginal weight lifting and strongly advise women against practicing it. Why? Because we can take all things to the extreme but that doesn’t necessarily get us results. In fact, lifting weight with your vagina can cause vaginal scarring which can lead to tension in the sexual organs, which opens you up to disease and illness. Vaginal scarring also inhibits orgasm!

Yes we do need resistance – hence why Kegels exercises alone don’t work – but the weight of the Nephrite Jade Egg inside the vagina is enough to gain vaginal tone and wake the area up to experience deep pleasure. When using the Jade Egg you want to maintain a strong focus on the letting go, as opposed to the squeeze, and you want the squeeze to be a small squeeze, hence why vaginal weight lifting can be dangerous. I do teach how to add a very small amount of extra resistance by pulling the string when the egg inside you, but that is as far as the resistance work goes in Yoga for the Vagina.

Yoga for the Vagina is a structured yoga practice with specific sequences designed to create specific results that use a Jade Egg as a central tool. When I first stumbled across the Jade Egg I found it very difficult to find any formal Jade Egg classes; and some of the ones I found were actually damaging to my body and psyche. The more I learnt, the more I realised, that while the Jade Egg itself was a powerful tool, it needed to be practiced in a specific way that allowed for deep healing to occur.

Through my trainings and personal experience in over a dozen different healing modalities, I have been able to create Yoga for the Vagina: A comprehensive guide to women’s health and pleasure. I take you on a journey deep into your inner self, so you can experience the profound healing available to you when you use the Jade Egg with presence.

Coupled with yoga poses, stretches, specific breathing and tension-release techniques, massage, meditation, sound healing, body de-armouring, reflexology, and subconscious mind clearing techniques, Yoga for the Vagina will help you resolve health and pleasure issues, as you naturally shift into a more heart-centred way of being.

Oh yeah lady! Apart from increasing your libido and helping you get wetter more easily, a regular Yoga for the Vagina practice will awaken your whole vaginal canal (and your whole body for that matter) so you can feel pleasure you didn’t know was available to you.

Many women need external stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse in order to reach orgasm. Yet the vaginal canal is full of juicy pleasure spots, including the G-spot (If you want to know more about G-spot orgasms take a read of this article I wrote for Nature and Health mag) and full body cervical orgasms (Oh! I wrote one in Nature and Health on these orgasms too!). When you start to wake up these areas, then intercourse with a partner takes on a whole new flavour. Developing sensitivity, which is what Yoga for the Vagina helps with, is what will seriously improve your sex life.

Not only will YOUR pleasure increase, when you learn how to separate your vagina into 12 different quadrants and contract and release each of them independent of each other, then you have the ability to play rhythms on your partner’s penis (if you’re in a heterosexual relationship)!

Yes, yes and absolutely yes! Yoga for the Vagina, like I said in the above question, will awaken your body to orgasmic touch. It will help you feel the current of the sexual energy running through your body – you will learn how to feel the pulse of your vagina! – so you can expand that energy into expansive multiple and full body orgasms.

Yes. But first let me explain a little about vibrating toys… When we use a vibrator it actually desensitizes our special bits, meaning we need more high-powered stimulation to orgasm. If you consider a tongue, finger or penis; it cannot go as hard or fast as a vibrator! This’s why women who use vibrators a lot, often have trouble orgasming with their partner.

In order to experience deep orgasmic bliss, especially those yummy G-spot and cervical full body orgasms, you need to have a super sensitive vagina. Using a Jade Egg internally, as part of your Yoga for the Vagina practice, helps wake up the vaginal tissue so you can feel more. Even if you have used vibrators in the past, and you are now experiencing this kind of desensitisation where you need a vibrator to orgasm, you can resensitise the vagina through using a Jade Egg.

That said, I recommend weaning yourself off your vibrator. Sorry ladies! But if you’re using a vibrator while also using a Jade Egg, you’re undoing all the resensitisation that the Jade Egg is creating. I know it can be frustrating to begin with when you feel as if you’re not experiencing any pleasure, like you’re numb – but with patience and commitment to your practice, your Jade Egg will awaken you to all sorts of bliss you never even knew existed.

Yes, yes and absolutely yes! When a woman starts to work with her vagina in such an intimate way, as is taught in Yoga for the Vagina, your vagina stands to attention! Literally! The Jade Egg massages the glans in the vaginal canal helping them secrete and activate your pleasure hormones. Add presence to the equation, which is the key teaching in Yoga for the Vagina, and you will feel sexually alive like never before. That said, you do need to have a regular practice, and I would suggest a minimum of 2-3 times per week. I also suggest reading my blog: Help! My libido has gone AWOL.

Yoga for the Vagina is gentle but deeply healing, and for that reason it is the perfect practice to help you release old sexual trauma and help you reconnect with your body. Please know you are not alone; one in three women have experienced some sort of sexual abuse. Having a daily self-love practice where you are exploring your most intimate self is one of the most powerful ways to heal yourself. Depending on where you are in your process you may also want to work one-on-one with a therapist such as myself, to help you move through it. If you’d like more information on working with me, please click here.

The ability to solidify and expand on all that you are experiencing right now. We don’t know what we don’t know. For many people there is so much pleasure and happiness to be experienced that they are not even aware of. Yoga for the Vagina will give you a fully immersive experience of yourself.

Yes. Even if your baby did not pass through your vagina, your pelvic floor and internal organs have still gone through much disruption and will have experienced trauma as a result of the cesarean. Yoga for the Vagina will help bring fresh blood to those organs, the Jade Egg will lift and nourish your uterus, together helping to dissolve the scar tissue and speed up your healing process. Mentally, you will be able to begin to let go of any feelings of inadequacy or lack, so you can be at peace with your experience and be mentally prepared for another birth, should you choose to have more children.

For some people, yes. When we are about to do something we have never done before, fears and insecurities often surface. The thing is, growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zone. Growth happens when we are willing to try something new, even if that makes us feel a little nervous (or downright terrified). My suggestion is, sign up for the free Starter’s Sequence (at the top of this page), try it a couple of times, and when you’re ready, take the leap and begin the full online women’s series. Go at a gentle pace, and before you know it, you’ll be wondering where Yoga for the Vagina has been all your life!

I didn’t initially create Yoga for the Vagina to be used by men, that said, while you can’t use the Jade Egg (please don’t go putting it in your anus, as you’ll probably end up in the emergency ward needing help getting it removed!), by doing the poses and squeezing your PC muscle in your penis (in place of squeezing the Jade Egg) you will experience many of the benefits of the practice. I do need to say however, that the information and content is directed at women, so some of it may not apply to you. I also want to add, that if you have a female partner who practices Yoga for the Vagina you are highly likely to reap many delicious benefits in the bedroom!

What are you wanting to get out of this series? Really take a moment to consider that… The reason I ask, is because a lot of people come to this practice wanting to fix a sexual health issue (ie. Incontinence, prolapsed organs, inability to lubricate post-menopause, etc.) or they come to experience deeper orgasms.

What you need to understand is that all of these ailments are ‘symptoms’ of a disconnection from self. Yoga for the Vagina teaches you how to connect with yourself intimately, and when you can maintain this kind of connection with yourself, then all of these other symptoms – the symptoms that most likely drew you to this course – naturally heal.

So if you commit to practicing these sequences regularly, then you will absolutely see results. It really does come down to YOUR commitment. If you commit to learning the sequences, and create time to really embody your practice, then you will get more than you are able to imagine right now. Yoga for the Vagina dissolves your personal barriers so you can experience yourself as love.

Tamra Mercieca is the creator of Yoga for the Vagina. She is a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, Author and founder of Getting Naked Pty Ltd where she teaches people how to fall in love with their most fabulous selves. She has written a number of books, created a range of products and courses all designed to help people strip off the layers of conditioning stopping them living happily right NOW. For her full bio, to work with her one-on-one or to watch her TV spots, head to the Getting Naked site.

Getting Naked is the company Tamra (Yoga for the Vagina’s creator) launched after finding the formula for overcoming depression and healing the mind and body of its various woes. Getting Naked is a informative an inspirational hub that shares regular blogs, courses, products, and other delicious content to help people learn the art of self-love. Visit the Getting Naked site by clicking here.

Jade Egg specific questions…

Exactly that. An egg made of the crystal jade. Back in China, some 5000 years ago queens and concubines would use the Jade Egg internally to help them stay youthful, to keep their sexual organs tight and resilient well into old age, and to deliver the Emperor immense pleasure in the bedchamber. Shown to heal all sorts of sexual health problems and awaken the vaginal canal to deeper, yummier orgasms, you can get the history and use on the Jade Egg page.

I sell top-quality certified Nephrite Jade Eggs on the Yoga for the Vagina mother-site Getting Naked. You can get your Jade Egg by simply clicking this link.

Well that really depends on your definition of sex toy! You won’t generally find Jade Eggs in shops that sell sex toys. Personally, I call the Jade Egg a vaginal health tool for sexual health and pleasure. It is not used as you would use a sex toy, with the aim of orgasm, but rather as a tool to help awaken the vaginal canal so it can experience deeper orgasms (and optimum health). While you may experience orgasms during your Yoga for the Vagina practice, that is not the goal of the practice. You can read more about the origins of the Jade Egg here.

All of our Jade Eggs have a drilled hole at the small end in which to thread unwaxed dental floss for easy retrieval and so you can do resistance work with the egg inside. Most chemists and supermarkets do not stock unwaxed dental floss, so you will need to purchase it online. If you purchase a Jade Egg from my website Getting Naked, you will be given the option to receive unwaxed dental floss with your order or you can buy it separately.

You don’t want to use waxed or flavoured dental floss as the chemicals that coat the floss can upset the vagina’s internal flora. You can use fishing line or a natural (non-coloured) cotton as well. 100% silk is another possible option as it is soft and strong and can be found at large fabric shops. However my number on suggestion is unwaxed dental floss. Just make sure you throw away the dental floss after each use.

Firstly, that’s why we attach a piece of unwaxed dental floss. And secondly, if for some reason the string did come off, or you inserted it without the floss – which is a common practice – it can’t get lost. It’s impossible for it to go past the cervix. Even for women who have had a hysterectomy and had the cervix removed, the doctors sew up the vagina so that it’s closed at the top – there is absolutely no way anything can get lost inside. For women who have had this kind of operation, you want to be using the egg because you need to prevent prolapse from having ‘extra space’ in your pelvis.

So now that we know it can’t get lost under any circumstances, if you do find you can’t get it out, my first bit of advice is: DON’T stress. Simply approach it in a calm manner, get yourself into a squat position, like you’re about to lay an egg, and bear down as if you were going to have a bowel movement, and it will fall right on out. Just make sure you’re ready to catch it, or you have something soft for it to land on. A good belly laugh or coughing will also help the egg move out. Many people do use the egg without the string, which by all means give it go once you develop more vaginal control.

Firstly, this is very common. Don’t expect to have a super vagina when you first start out! Know that if you spend just a few hours sitting each day (who doesn’t?) then your pelvis is likely to have started to atrophy. Yes, even if you’re still in your 20s! And this will cause weakness in your vaginal muscles. Re-building vaginal strength and dexterity takes dedicated practice.

Simply wearing your Jade Egg at night is a really great start, as your vagina will play with your egg while you sleep. However you do need to do particular eggsercises to support the reawakening of your vaginal muscles. Not doing the eggsercises correctly can cause more trauma in the vagina, making your current issues worse, hence why I recommend getting a copy of the full Yoga for the Vagina online series.

Imagine holding a heavy box for a couple of hours. Eventually your arms would give way. The egg is no different. It takes a lot of internal muscle strength to hold the egg inside. Once your vaginal muscles have had enough, the egg will push itself out. Do NOT feel down about this. This is a sign that your vagina has done what it needed to and now needs a rest.

Do NOT push the egg back inside, as you run the risk of fatiguing your muscles which can lead to pain and cramping. It’s just like a gym workout. If you push yourself too much, you’ll be left with sore muscles, and the Jade Egg practice is no different. While it may not feel like you’re doing a lot, just wearing the egg inside is working a whole hammock of muscles.

What you may also notice, is that if you become physically upset or emotional, your Jade Egg will slip right on out. So simply start to notice what’s going on for you when the Jade Egg pushes out, and see if there is any connection to your emotional state. Your Jade Egg can tell you a lot, if you are present enough to listen.

Up to 12 hours is generally fine but my suggestion is to trust your intuition. Only you know what your body can handle. I wouldn’t leave it beyond 12 hours as the vagina does produce a fair bit of mucus, so you do want to take the egg out and clean it regularly.

No. This is completely normal. In fact, the Jade Egg is not meant to be ‘felt’. Imagine feeling a tampon all the time – it’d be quite annoying! The purpose of the egg is to help you develop your awareness, sensitivity and dexterity. We have an infinite resource of bliss within us, and the Jade Egg is there to help awaken us to that immense pleasure.

It’s much like wine. To an untrained nose, a wine will smell like any other. Yet to a trained nose, each wine will have a distinct bouquet of scents. This is true for any of our senses. It’s simply a case of waking them up so they can feel more. This is why I suggest staying away from vibrators, which actually dull the senses.

My answer is always: ‘I don’t know, should you?’ Me personally, I prefer not too. But everyone’s different. If you’re drawn to use the egg when you’re bleeding, by all means do. It really is a personal choice. To my knowledge there are no risks in using the Jade Egg during your period. My only suggestion would be, don’t leave it in for more than a few hours, so the blood can easily exit your body, and thoroughly clean the egg with hot water afterwards.

It’s really important in not just the Jade Egg practice, but in life in general, that you really do start to trust your intuition – your inner knowing – as you always know what’s best for you. If you buy Yoga for the Vagina online series, I have included a sequence specifically for when you’re menstruating that does not use the Jade Egg, but helps you move through your menstruation with grace and ease.

An Intrauterine Device (IUD) alone can cause all sort of issues; inflammation, irregular bleeding, hormonal disturbances, and many other women’s health concerns. That said, if intercourse is considered safe with an IUD, then I believe a Jade Egg should not pose any additional risk. From my knowledge, IUD’s are made to withstand a lot of movement, and given the Jade Egg practice is very soft and gentle, Yoga for the Vagina, should be fine.

Please note however, that I am not a medical professional and for that reason I strongly advise that you consult your GP before using the Jade Egg. If you do decide to use the Jade Egg and experience cramping, stop the practice, rub your lower belly, relax and come back to the practice at another time. You’ll also want to be careful not to leave your egg inside of you with the string on for long period of time, so they do not become tangled with the IUD. Above all else, trust your own body to know what is best for you. Responsibility for this choice is entirely yours.

If you are looking for a natural birth control alternative, can I suggest reading this article I wrote for Nature and Health magazine which discusses the Billings Ovulation Method which is my preferred option for any woman wanting to avoid pregnancy while looking after her body at the same time.

Can’t I just do Kegels? Most women who give birth are told to do their 300 Kegel exercises day and night to help them regain their vaginal elasticity, ease incontinence and prevent other pelvic floor issues. Yet Kegels are not all they’re made out to be. Essentially, doing Kegels is like doing bicep curls without the weight – there’s no resistance like you have when you are wearing a Jade Egg.

On top of that Kegels only work one very specific muscle. What you need to know is that Kegels were created by a man to help cure male incontinence issues whose bodies are somewhat different in make-up. Kegels were not designed for women, therefore they don’t take into consideration the full pelvic floor (a complex layered area – much like a pelvic parfait!) and complete reproductive system. This is why women often complain of doing their Kegels day and night and still not seeing results.

Studies have even shown that Kegels, because they focus on tightening as opposed to strengthening, can actually weaken the pelvic area when done incorrectly. And any woman with a tight pelvic floor will actually aggravate the tension issue if they contract the muscles regularly as you’re advised to do in Kegel exercises. There needs to be a balance between the squeeze and the release, otherwise not only will you create tension there, you run the risk of inhibiting orgasm. I go into a lot more detail on this in the Yoga for the Vagina online series.

You can, however you won’t gain all of the great benefits of a Nephrite Jade Egg.
See below for details… or duck over to the Jade Egg page to learn why using a Nephrite Jade Egg is the best option. Also – Kegel balls don’t usually come with a comprehensive instruction guide on how to use them in such a way that you create healing as opposed to scarring, which is a risk you run if you are not trained on how to use them properly.

If you look back at the ancient traditions – so 5000 years ago in China – where the vaginal egg practice was first developed, the ancient Chinese used a Jade Egg because jade was considered a health, wealth and longevity stone that increases courage, wisdom, emotional balance, stamina, love, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony.

Jade has really beautiful healing properties that help draw impurities and trauma from the vaginal tissue. It is known as a grounding, detoxifying and cleansing stone. I actually used the Jade Egg to help me completely heal myself of cervical issues after I received an abnormal pap smear result and was diagnosed as being the stage before cancer. *Please note I also did extensive mental clearings, like I teach in the Remarkable Relationships course, as part of this process.

Nephrite Jade is dense (heavy for its size) making it perfect for toning, it’s a lifetime stone meaning it will not crack, break or shatter like softer gemstones, and it also connect the womb to the heart, something that I find extremely important, as you want your practice to be heart-centred at all times. I go into more details on the benefits of Nephrite Jade on the Jade Egg page.

Jade is a harder stone physically and somewhat softer stone energetically than rose quartz. While jade is grounding and detoxifying, quartz stones tend to amplify whatever is most dominant for you emotionally. Therefore you want to clear your emotional gunk before you move onto a quartz stone, or you risk amplifying your negative emotions. The other danger with any type of quartz egg is that it can crack easily, and once cracked will be unhygienic and can cut you. Nephrite Jade does not crack or break.

Despite the marketing of some retailers that encourage you to buy multiple sized eggs, you don’t need all these different eggs to reap the benefits; you only need to understand HOW to use the egg. That said, different sized eggs offer new challenges. Larger eggs are easier to feel but harder to hold because they have more weight, and can make the dexterity practices more difficult. Smaller eggs can be harder to move unless you already have a very dexterous vagina.

My suggestion is always, start with a medium size egg (our eggs are 4.4 by 3.1cm), as it’s a really good all-rounder and will be perfect for your beautiful vagina whatever size it may be and whatever its life experience. You only need the one egg to reap all of the delicious benefits available as part of a regular Yoga for the Vagina practice.

It’s what you do with the egg that matters, not the size. That’s why the Jade Egg’s I sell work for vaginas of ALL sizes. What’s interesting with a woman’s vagina, is when you place something inside of it, it adapts. We see this in childbirth with a woman’s vagina so flexible, a whole baby can come out of it! As I teach in the Yoga for the Vagina online series, there are specific ways of opening your body and using the muscles in such a way, that you do not depend on your vaginal history.

If you’re purchasing a Jade Egg make sure it is made out of ‘Nephrite’ Jade, as other types of jade can be porous and therefore not suitable for a vaginal practice as bacteria can seep into the stone. You also want to make sure the egg you purchase is certified Nephrite as there are a number of vendors sell fake jade – often made out of other stones or even colour dyed.

If you have not used an egg before, make you get one with a drilled hole in it, preferably at the top (the small end). Our Jade Eggs are sourced from a reputable company in China – the origin place of the Jade Egg. They are top quality certified Nephrite jade.

Before you use it the first time, I suggest soaking your egg for eight hours in a glass container of filtered water and a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt. After each use you can simply rinse the egg in warm water. Do NOT use soap to clean it. You CAN use a few drops of tea-tree or grapefruit extract in a glass of warm water as a cleansing soak also. Then rinse afterwards before use. It’s good to occasionally (once a month if you’re using your egg regularly) give your egg a salt bath to cleanse off any build up of energy. I also talk about how to energise your egg in the Yoga for the Vagina online series.

First of all, don’t be embarrassed! It’s happened to the best of us. Scoop it out and rinse it in boiling water, to cleanse it of any bacteria. Then I would do a tea-tree or grapefruit extract rinse (as mentioned above) to ensure it’s safe to use.

If you’d like a free taste of the Yoga for the Vagina practice, simply pop your details in the pink box below to be sent the starter’s sequence so you can begin today. Or if you’re ready for a full immersion, then purchase your Yoga for the Vagina full online women’s series NOW!

Every time you do a Yoga for the Vagina sequence, you are giving yourself a deep healing.

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